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K'EQCHI' is an independent and dedicated Website for the K'eqchi' Language created by Translator and Linguist George Max in Guatemala.  It is aimed mainly to develop the language in written form by providing new information as well as gather all the available infomation, literature, data, media, etc. to help support this modern Mayan language in oral, written and visual form for its own preservation and make it available to the people, communities, schools inside and outside Guatemala.

The K'eqchi' Mayan language has been studied sporadically for the last 4 decades; mostly by external scholars who have contributed some research and studies on several aspects. Some formal and scientific studies based on linguistics can be found from the 70s, 80s and 90s. These contributios are welcome and will enhance our aprehension of the knowledge of this modern Mayan language in general and will enable the indigenous K'eqchi' population to write their own language who only speak it today. 

Date created: January 27, 2010.  Last date modified: June 19, 2011.


K'EQCHI' is the first website created for the K'eqchi' Mayan Language in Guatemala.  As such, it does get support from any institution or related entity.  Please donate an amount to continue developing this website and support the development of the language itself which lacks many kinds of resources to make it available to the communities that neet it.


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Known K'eqchi' words and others rooted in ancient Mayan language

K'eqchi', (k'eq-chi'), literally, black bit (small black piece or item)

Tikal (tii-kal), quality of being straight; from tiik, straight

B'onampak, (b'onol pec, adjective and noun), painted rock/stone/wall

Zaq b'ee, white road (adjective and noun)

Tzuul tak'aa, (tzool tak'aa) down the mountain, downhill

Oshib' pec, three stones

Caqi pec, red stone