Li Molam K'eqchi nash puktasii li atinab'aal K'eqchi' chi tz'ib'anb'il

Chanrruu inko c'anjelak?

Tz'ilok ru na'leb'
Tz'ilok ru na'leb'

Utilizing and adapting technologies familiar to the developed world, we can provide teachers, parents, and students with products and services to improve learning and decision-making.

By nurturing relationships with likeminded organizations and private individuals, we're able to unlock new sources of capital and scale up our work far beyond what traditional funding can do alone.

Li Molam K'eqchi' kish c'ub'aa rib' sa' li chab' 2009 sa' li nimla tenamit Guatemala. Chalen aan, inko c'anjelak sa' ish c'ab'a' li atinab'aal K'eqchi' re ish tyib'ankil jalanq-jalanq chi hu ut na'leb' re tz'ib'ak, ilok ru hu, atinak ut ab'iink sa' K'eqchi'.


Li Molam K'eqchi' nash molc'aa chijunil li tz'ib'anb'il ut atinanb'il na'leb' re ish c'ub'ankil jalanchik hu re naq eb' li poyanam tesh tzol eb' lish atinab'al sa' tikilal.

Li qa molam

George Max

With a background in business finance and having grown up in a developing community with limited access to basic educational supplies, David builds relationships with our key investors and partners.


With a masters degree in Early Childhood Education, as well as strong ties to some of our most important communities, Natacha is influential in shaping our education policies, proposals, and fundraising rounds.

“Jalanchic atinab'aal, jalanchic rilb'al li tyuam.”

– Federico Fellini